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Fifa 14 Apk

Fifa 14 Apk

Fifa 14 Apk
Fifa 14 Apk

Size: 1.5GB Version:2.3.3 Developer:-eA Swiss Sarl Platform:Android

EA has put a lot of effort on the animations for the participants. The new Precision Movement feature approach makes course adjustments, rotations, accelerations, and sprints much more smooth and useful.

The way that ball management has improved is more realistic now. Now that the ball is in your possession, you may defend its location by using your body as a shield. It works well for controlling the motion’s pace and stopping.

The ball mechanics and shooting method are also new in this edition. With the Pure Shot feature, players may select the ideal area and angle for shooting shots on the goal based on the situation. With the new ball physics, you may be able to observe shots that are calibrated to the millimeter.

The team intelligence tool is a significant addition. Players may now understand events in a game like a genuine soccer player thanks to changes made by EA to this element. Now, players may rush along the defensive line, turn defenders, and check their runs with skill. All of these are useful visual signals that gently indicate the possibilities that are open to you. It is believed that in addition to having a more realistic appearance and a large number of occurrences occurring all over the field, it will also give players—especially those who are not familiar with the series—a more natural manner to get information.

One area where EA has focused a lot of effort is the defensive component of the game. With the addition of dynamic pressure, which forces defenders to make judgments based
This is not the end of it: much as in a real game, the side in the lead attempts to reduce the amount of time remaining by gaining possession on their half of the field disproportionately through safe and low-risk passing. As in a real game, this updated version allows the opposition’s players to forecast their approach and put more pressure on their midfield adversary. The realism in this game is excellent!
There are further new features in FIFA 14.
EA has enhanced the experience with additional new features in addition to improved gameplay. For instance, you may deploy staff observers all around the world to find young talent when you’re in career mode. Through the Career mode options, you may communicate with the talent scout and provide specific details about the person you’re looking for.

Co-op Seasons is an online feature that EA has offered for multiplayer games. A much-awaited treat, you may compete against two online players in ranked matches in pairs with a buddy, beginning in the tenth division and working your way up to the top spot to win the league championship.

Fun, brand-new skill games that were initially seen in FIFA 13 are included in FIFA 14 with the goal of honing your technical talents. Speaking of technology, the game now has a helpful section that walks players through all of the advanced maneuvers, dribbling techniques, player celebrations, and movement mechanics.

At last, FIFA 14 features a redesigned interface that is both more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use. On the other hand, the revamp did not contain the options for team management, tactics, or training.

Feeling realistic controls:-

When on the field, FIFA 14 exhibits its finest qualities. Although the controls remain the same as in the previous iteration, the player’s movement feels significantly better.

Play is more fluid, more receptive to instructions, and moves at a slower, more sensible pace that encourages cooperation. It’s clear that player responsiveness during maneuver setup and defensive one-on-one plays have improved.

More realism with the same graphics engine:-

FIFA 14 on PC lacks the new Ignite graphics engine, in contrast to its counterparts for the PS4 and Xbox One next-generation consoles. But from FIFA 13, the PC version’s engine has been improved. The graphics performance is not much different from the previous edition, but the physics and animations have been much improved, which greatly adds to the realism.

You can now execute intricate maneuvers and amazing volleys with greater ease than ever before thanks to the previously stated Pure Shot and Precision maneuvers features, new ball physics, and dramatically enhanced gameplay.

Is the video game FIFA 14 good?:-

Of course! FIFA 14 was undoubtedly one of the greatest games of 2014, especially in light of the available technology at the time. That year, EA Sports published the game with a few minor tweaks so that gamers could enjoy football day and night.

System requirements for FIFA 14:-

Although FIFA 14 is an older game, it doesn’t have very demanding system requirements. Doubling-checking isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, though. FIFA 14 will operate on your PC with ease if it is able to handle some of the newest games, say those that were released in the previous five years. These are the system requirements for FIFA 14:


Though it wasn’t simple, Electronic Arts managed to enhance their game once more. EA has increased the game’s realism to previously unheard-of heights, and the new gameplay elements are obviously geared more at the die-hard player than the casual player.

FIFA 14 has maintained and validated its position as the greatest soccer game available, even in light of the advancements made by the latest PES.

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